Friday, December 14, 2007

Our in-campus bookstore had a 50% off pre-Christmas sale yesterday and I wasn't going to go because (1) I already have too much ornaments, (2) I will be tempted to buy more than I should, and (3) my husband found our Nativity Set so I don't need that Fontanini set I've been eying. I wasn't going to go, but my husband was going to be a little late picking me up and I didn't want to stay in our office alone while everybody went home - so I went.

What's in the Bible for Couples by Kathy Collard Miller, Larry Miller, and Larry Richards intrigued me when I first saw it in our online store, it had very amusing chapter titles and subtitles. It seemed very intriguing so I bought a copy and read it to my still sleeping husband this morning.

It was very interesting. I only read a few pages, but it kept me wanting to read more. The first chapter begins with how marriage came about, interlacing verses from the bible with a narrative of why Adam needed Eve. The book wasn't preachy at all, it flowed like a story that you want to just keep on reading. It has points of views from other Christian authors as well, which spices up what's already there.

From someone whose reading list consisted of medical thrillers, romance novels, vampire chronicles or touching love stories - this is definitely different. But it is more of a refreshing change than anything else, I've gained new perspective about what's written in the bible - a deeper study into underlying meanings. I enjoy this book. It's very easy reading.

I think this book is very cleverly written and is a good manuscript to read together as husband and wife. It will probably make a good Christmas gift as well. Just in case you have newly weds on your list this year, this is a great gift!

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