Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mobile Phones & Nintendo DS in the Kitchen

Nintendo DS never ceases to tempt me with its Brain Age application, which entices me to no end for some reason. More recently they came out with this Personal Trainer: Cooking advertisement that has added to my curiosity about the gaming console. Argh! These advertising geniuses are too good for me!

I love experimenting in the kitchen and I even have a wishlist of gadgets specifically for my cooking experiments. While my gadget wishlist may consist of 14-cup food processors, stand mixer attachments, ovens and stoves - the hottest kitchen gadget nowadays was reported to be the mobile phone.

Yes, I've used it as a timer. I've accessed the web with it to lookup recipes. I've even taken photos of food for posting on my blog using my mobile phone. So I guess it is a kitchen gadget to me as well - I just never realized it.

Do you use your phone while cooking? Do you use applications on it in relation with cooking? Would you consider using the Nintendo DS to learn how to cook? Share your thoughts by leaving me a comment.

Happy cooking, everyone!

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