Friday, January 23, 2009

Plinky Prompt: My Road-Trip Mix Tape

All my favorite tech blogs are buzzing about this new application called Plinky.  Plinky is said to be the cure for writer's block.  Have you ever tried starting a blog then ran out of things to say?  Plinky provides daily prompts - topics to talk about - and you can share your answers easily with your blog, Facebook, Twitter or any application that supports HTML or email.

The Plinky interface reminds me of Twitter a little.  There's a main section for prompts and answers.  It shows you the latest answers at the bottom of each prompt.  On the right side is a box that summarizes your activities, links to what you can do, statistics, who you follow and your services.  The design is simple, but effective.

Founder and CEO, Jason Shellen, used to work for Pyra Labs - the developer of Blogger, one of the first blogging platforms that was later acquired by Google.  His blog development background has produced a great product.  Great job on this application!

I tried Plinky for myself - here is the answer to my first prompt...

Here are my favorite songs to listen to on road trips.

Beautiful Day by U2

It kind of forces me to decide that it's going to be a beautiful day - no matter what. It also keeps me awake.

Don't Cha Wanna Ride by Joss Stone

I love Joss Stone's sultry and smooth songs. This is a carefree song that boosts my confidence level.

I Go Blind by Hootie & the Blowfish

I love the way this group sings - the catchy rhythm and the lyrics that seem to explain an exaggerated reaction to a woman's presence appeals to me.

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