Friday, February 20, 2009

Moving Made Easy

As the economic crisis worsens by the day more and more people consider moving to less expensive states. Some of my friends have even considered moving to Mexico or Alaska. I have only moved once in my whole stay here in the US and that was from our house in Monterey Park to our current place here in Orange County – around 30 miles one way. We had to do all the moving ourselves – and we didn’t have a lot of stuff then! It was so tiring and time-consuming. We had to make several trips back and forth.

I can’t imagine how people can move so often – even for business or military moves. My boss uses a moving service like ABF U-Pack Moving, which lets you pack your things using your organizational system and they will just drive the trailer or ReloCube to your new location. Cool, huh? It’s much cheaper than a full-service mover – and you wouldn’t want somebody else packing your personal belongings, right? You’d want to make sure your things are handled carefully – the way only you can.

So check out my sponsor, ABF U-Pack Moving, today and experience how easy moving can be.

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