Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII: 60-Minute Football

Unlike last year's Super Bowl where I really didn't have a favorite team, I was cheering for the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday.

Most of my friends thought it was a sure win, but in the pre-game analysis everyone was pointing out the Arizona Cardinals' strengths. My husband actually sided with the Cardinals just to make things a little more interesting while we watched.

It was quite a game! My favorite part was when James Harrison intercepted the ball and ran 100 yards for the longest touchdown in history. Woohoo!

The first half ended with a ten-point deficit, but in history teams have been known to come back from that number in the second half. And the Cardinals did not disappoint. They almost won if it hadn't been for that touchdown by Superbowl MVP, Santonio Holmes - the ballet-like tiptoe one.

But of course if they had let the Cardinals score after that, they still could have won. But the great defensive line of the Steelers would not let that happen. It was the most memorable 27-23 win in Superbowl history. Wow!

Congratulations, Steelers! I enjoyed all 60 minutes of that hard-fought game. The Lombardi was well deserved by the youngest coach in history to win a Super Bowl, Mike Tomlin. Definitely one of the most exciting piece of history I've ever witnessed!

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